Building The Yugo M-56 Semi Auto

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The Parts Kit

Now that you have your Yugo M-56 parts kit, you need to go through it and make sure you have all of the parts. You can use the accompanying photos to help you see what you should have.

I would recommend sorting the parts into some kind of logical order and store them in labeled zip lock bags so nothing gets lost.

It's a really good idea to spray clean everything metal with carburetor cleaner and then with WD40 or some such protective oil to prevent rust. Put everything in a good sturdy box as these parts are going to be in and out of it a lot over the next few months.

If you have something such as the trigger group or other involved group of parts, I suggest that you take a few digital photos as you take it apart so you can refer to them later. It's also a good idea to start a notebook for plans, drawings, ideas and words of advice to yourself. Also, keep all receipts in there so you can prove to the Feds that you bought this thing before any new gun ban goes into effect! With this last thought in mind, remember to date your entries.

First off - if you have a receiver tube in your possession, even an unfinished Prexis undersize ID tube, you MUST start by grinding (carefully, don't damage the bolt face) the fixed firing pin off of the front of the bolt. By having a complete, original bolt and an unfinished receiver you are in violation of federal law. You have the parts to assemble a machine gun and the simple possession is grounds for prosecution!! Believe me, people have gone to jail for this. By removing the fixed firing pin you have defused this issue.

Photo courtesy Prexis/Sten

Disassembly of Kit Pieces:

The Yugo M-56 is really a simple and well designed sub-machinegun. The parts are robust and not complicated in the least. Disassembly is, for the most part, easy and straight forward. While I did not take the front sight, bayonet or barrel/trunnion apart, I understand they can be quite difficult.

All of the fasteners on the left side of the receiver side plates and the grips use a slotted nut that requires a split screwdrivwer to hold them while you unscrew the fastener from the right side. Therefore, one thing that is needed for complete take down is a specially formed screw driver.This can be easily made. Simply take out the four screws and lift off the plastic parts.

If you need to remove the barrel, it is inserted from the INSIDE. The front sight and bayonet lug need to be removed first. This involves driving out a cross pin in each and these pins are in very tightly. The pins are reported to be brittle and break while trying to drive them out. Partial drilling out of the pins would make the task easier. Heat and light oil may be required.

Here is a picture of the M-56 barrel. This is courtesy of Tommerr of You can see the flange at the rear of it. This necessitates removing the barrel from the rear. There is a thin steel washer sandwiched in between the face of the receiver and the barrel nut. This washer is dimpled into a small slot on each side and this locks it in place. You must "undimple" this washer in order to unscrew the barrel nut. I would not remove this assembly unless you plan to replace the barrel.

Disassembly of the trigger system is accomplished by removing four pins and a small aluminum dumbell looking spacer. All push or slip out.

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