Building The Russian PPs-43 Semi Auto
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The Aurora Faux Suppressor

One issue with building the PPs-43 as a carbine is the barrel length. Federal law (and many state laws) regulate or prohibit rifles with barrels under 16". In the case of the PPs-43, this results in what is commonly referred to as the "Anteater Look". So named due to the long, thin barrel portion sticking out the front of the shroud.

Here is a typical PPs-43 with the long barrel.

-- And here is the "Aurora Look". -Top view. --

The Aurora Faux Suppressor is BATF approved as a non-gun, non-suppressor. It is for looks only! It cannot be made into a functioning suppressor or silencer.

It has a solid barrel extension that needs to be permanently welded to your original PPs barrel. The original sheet metal compensator can be left on or may be removed. The Aurora used with the compensator is shorter than the one for use without the comp. The front of the barrel shroud needs to be reamed out to accomodate the extension.

The end result is a legal barrel length with a much sexier look than the "Anteater".

I will most likely be offering installation of the Aurora unit at some point in the future. Please see the web site for details

The Aurora Faux Suppressor may be ordered for many different builds. For prices and availability, see -

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