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Featuring Two New Sets Of How-To-Build books
on the Goryunov SG-43 Family of Belt Feds and the CZ-26 SMG
The Addition Of A New Gun to the GunBuilds Family!

First -

How To Build The Goryunov SG-43 Family of Belt Fed Machine Guns in two volumes.

Recognizing that there are many shooters who have purchased the great Goryunov SG-43 and SGMT parts kits and want them built, I've written a two volume book set for you. Now you, your machinist buddy and/or your gunsmith can build your kit for/with you!

Volume one covers the legal building of the receiver of your Goryunov. It also covers the needed machining for the Clark Crankfire fire control group (FCG).

Volume Two covers the fire control group and the Clark CrankFire crank firing system plus all the other little things needed to make the gun sing.

I will also be offering many of the parts, including the Clark CrankFire system, for sale to CD buyers.

The CDs are $30 each, $60 for the pair and shipping is included by first class mail.

To order the books, send cash or money order to:
  • Greg Clark
  • P. O. Box 742
  • Lanett, Al 36863

And Second

Weaponsguild, CZ-26

the GB(CZ)-26 Sub Machine Gun in 9mm or 7.62X25!

The latest addition to the GunBuilds growing family of parts kit builds is this 7.62X25mm CZ-26. The GunBuilds model name for this gun is the GB26 and it's for sale on a special order basis!

This semi automatic conversion of the CZ-23 family of sub machine guns is fully BATF type approved.

Please check out the rest of the site if you haven't already.

Thanks for viviting!


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